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Where Went Jose’?!

Band :
Title : Where Went Jose'?!
Release Date : June 25, 2020
Label :

A young boy’s beside himself with grief as he discovers his classmate and best friend Jose’, the son of Dreamers, has been captured by ICE and shipped back to the country his parents left decades ago as children themselves.   His friendship lost, betrayed by the reality of the political divide over legal and illegal immigration, the need to fill jobs in an environment of low unemployment and the distaste many American’s feel for manual labor in the agricultural and manufacturing sector.  ‘Where Went Jose’?!’ explores the odyssey of a country and a population who seems to want to have it both ways:  Low-wage-accepting, hard-working-workforce, that looks the way they want them to look and speaks their same language.  The very people who shout the loudest to stop the influx of migrant workers often themselves profiting from their willingness to take the hard jobs with lower wages that drive their businesses.   The cynicism of adulthood juxtaposed with the unconditional friendship of childhood.