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Ink to Spill (single)

Band :
Title : Ink to Spill (single)
Release Date : September 10, 2020
Label :

Ink To Spill, the song, was originally written on a flight back from Chicago after an event in DC in March of ’17, that led me to believe America’s system of a free press would soon come under assault. Freedom of speech and the freedom of the press have long defined America’s liberties and the protection of its constitution. We were still in the early stages of defining ‘Ink To Spill’, the band at that time. And yet, the moment I finished writing the song, it felt like we should change our name from ‘The Quills’ to ‘Ink To Spill’. Unfortunately, the past few years have only increased my concern over this assault on our basic freedoms. As one might witness in Turkey, the ‘New Dictator’s Play Book’s’ first step is to discredit the free press. In their case even jailing any dissenting journalists. Fortunately, the Founding Fathers (whatever their other faults) foresaw the risks of a system built without checks and balances and the American people remain courageous enough to march for their right to these freedoms.

‘Ink To Spill’, the song, is about a man who always felt he was objective, and fiercely independent, but not politically enthusiastic toward either of our major parties. A man who had his opinions, but rarely expressed them out loud. A man who finally found his tongue through the verse, chorus and song of this band. That man is me.