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Stop Drop and Roll

Band :
Title : Stop Drop and Roll
Release Date : May 7, 2019
Label :

Obsession:  Most of us have felt it at one time or another….or, fortunately or unfortunately been the object of it’s desire.  Love at first sight, an attractive encounter that grips the imagination, soaks the mind in dopamine and makes us abandon our normal behaviors because we simply can’t get someone off our mind.  We take a different path to work, try to find them in social spaces or bomb their media accounts.

Mix in the motivation of raging hormones, personal and social pressures and you concoct a fire burning within….inside your mind the fire grows and finds it’s way to your loins with no hope of extinguishing it until you make your feelings known.

Join us as we share a funky little number with a hint of self-deprecating humor.  Are you ready to put out the fire and Stop, Drop & Roll?