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Band :
Title : Lenny
Release Date : April 2, 2019
Label :

We all have to live with our decisions.  Every choice we make narrows or expands the options of the next set of choices.  We’ve all made good decisions and bad decisions and had an opportunity to learn from them, overcome them, regret them.  Lenny reflects on the feelings of George after making his life-changing decision in Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’.

A couple of transient farm hands make their way through the Salinas Valley taking work and shelter where they can find it, hoping to save for their own acre of land.  Lenny’s body is strong, but his mind is child-like.  George is small, but of quick wit and leverages Lenny’s strengths to their mutual advantage.

Curley’s wife pushes the envelope to open an unfortunate turn of events and George is faced with the biggest decision of his life.  Join us as we examine George’s mindset after he makes this devastating decision.

Opening with a few ‘bent’ notes, Lenny is instantly recognizable from the start as an Alt-Rock meets Americana as it recants Steinbeck’s famous story of friendship and tragic heartbreak.