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Robes of Fire

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Title : Robes of Fire
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Pray and Prey perhaps best describe Robes On Fire. An institution once renowned for its supposed purity offering a religion advocating love and forgiveness has apparently been hijacked in many cases by leadership preying on the children of their own parishioners. The collection plate goes around the church and a significant portion of the tithings are distributed to protect the alleged offenders, if the Bishop hasn’t already moved him to another parish. And then the example is seen by some in broader society and the template is recreated in other institutions, and a once Happy Valley’s pride and reputation in burned to ash.

Robes on Fire opens with an infamous sampling of a former Nun protesting the abuse she witnessed against other nuns and babies, that alarmingly works for today’s headlines. Ink To Spill delivers a driving, yet haunting rocker that shames the offenders and institutions that protect them. Look up ‘parishioners’ in Webster’s on-line dictionary and the recent examples of how it’s used in sentences is a regrettable reflection of recent news.