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Raging Hormones

Band :
Title : Raging Hormones
Release Date : November 12, 2019
Label : ,

A party girl whose got it all going on knows she can conquer Las Vegas and live the wild life she always craved. Skin tight clothes, high rollers who pay to play, coke, ecstasy and all night dance clubs are the dream soon realized. She fits right in and thrives through her 20’s. Over time, the lifestyle ages her beyond her years and the life she craves suddenly no longer craves her. The final scene a glimpse of her makeshift home in the alleys of Vegas ruing the origins of the 2nd word in the title of our song.

Raging Hormones has a danceable, thumping beat emanating from Ernie’s kit. Ryan’s vocals deliver the bright hope of life set to blossom all night, every night. Gus takes over midway through delivering the darkening shadows that inevitably catch up to our high-flying lead temptress.